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The Difference Between Pendant Lights & Chandeliers 04/04/2019

The Difference Between Pendant Lights & Chandeliers

Two of the most popular ceiling lights for any kind of space, pendant lights and chandeliers are a great way to make a stylish impact with your lighting for both homes and commercial interiors. It can be easy to confuse the two if you’re not totally sure what the differences between pendant lights and chandeliers are, so we’re going to dive into the details to help you understand which is which. What Is Pendant Lighting? Pendant lighting is an increasingly popular choice for modern interiors, and you’re most likely to... Read More

Our Guide to Chandeliers 04/03/2019

Our Guide to Chandeliers

Once the sign of a grand home belonging to the upper classes, chandeliers have an ostentatious reputation that can often make them seem intimidating – so why are they becoming such a popular lighting option in everyday interiors? If you’re new to chandeliers, we’ve put together this great guide to introduce you to what chandeliers are, what styles of chandelier are available, and how you can measure for your very own chandelier! What Are Chandeliers? Sometimes confused with pendant lighting, chandeliers are a ceiling light suspended from a short chain... Read More


top lighting trends for 2018

  Lighting is an integral part of your home’s interior design, where and how you choose to place it can make a big impact on the atmosphere created. Lighting design will most likely change from room-to-room when considering the functionality and feel of each space. For example, a large luxurious chandelier won’t necessarily work within a minimalist & modern styled bathroom, especially true if it’s not moisture proof. Interior design trends are constantly changing and the same applies for Lighting, with advances in technology playing a major part. As generations... Read More


welcome to our brand new lighting website

    Hello and welcome to leaderlights.co.uk 👋😀 We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of a brand new brand within a brand Leader Lights (brand-ception anyone?). We’ve been selling lighting for a long time now and due to high demand for of our gorgeous lighting ranges we thought it was about time we branched out a bit. With the new lighting-focused division of our business, we can continue to innovate and provide some of the very best lighting products available to UK customers. With literally thousands of lights to choose from... Read More