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Top Trends for Interior Lighting Design in 2021

Trend 1 – Retro & Industrial Styles Are Back! Industrial lights are all about the rustic & metal finish, but retro is coming back in a completely different way. With sleeker styles & various vibrant colours, it is a great way to introduce an industrial – yet modern look to your home. Trend 2 – Lighting As A Design Focal Point 2021 will see the main light becoming a focal point for a room, rather than merely being just functional. There will be room for more elegant and extravagant fittings... Read More

Pendant lighting 01/04/2020

What is smart lighting and how does it work?

There may not be flying cars on the streets or floating buildings in cities but without a doubt, we are living in the future. The technological capabilities that are at our disposal are fascinating and we live in an age where we can switch on our lights at home with our voices. It’s called smart lighting and here at Leader Lights, we are going to explain to you how it works.  How does smart lighting work? First and foremost, smart lighting is a type of lighting which you can control... Read More

Light Bulbs 24/02/2020

Our Guide To Lightbulbs

Here at Leader Lights, we take light bulbs seriously, very seriously. With an estimated 600 million lightbulbs in the UK, there is a lot to get excited over. Our guide to lightbulbs will provide you with all the facts and information that you need to know about light bulbs.  There has been much debate about who actually invented the lightbulb. The design of the incandescent bulb hasn’t changed that much since Thomas Edison created his version in 1879. However, lightbulbs have been updated over time and today we find ourselves... Read More

How Lighting Affects Mood 21/01/2020

How Lighting Affects Mood

There’s been a lot of research conducted about lighting and how it can determine behaviour and mood. That’s right, your bad mood could be because of the lighting around you! The power of lighting is often underestimated, especially in our living spaces; we often prioritise furniture, carpets and wallpaper when decorating. However, lighting can be used as a decorative element and can influence our moods. This change can be achieved through mood lighting. But…what is it?  What is mood lighting?  Mood lighting creates an atmosphere with purpose. We need different... Read More

The Difference Between Pendant Lights & Chandeliers 04/04/2019

The Difference Between Pendant Lights & Chandeliers

Two of the most popular ceiling lights for any kind of space, pendant lights and chandeliers are a great way to make a stylish impact with your lighting for both homes and commercial interiors. It can be easy to confuse the two if you’re not totally sure what the differences between pendant lights and chandeliers are, so we’re going to dive into the details to help you understand which is which. What Is Pendant Lighting? Pendant lighting is an increasingly popular choice for modern interiors, and you’re most likely to... Read More

Our Guide to Chandeliers 04/03/2019

Our Guide to Chandeliers

Once the sign of a grand home belonging to the upper classes, chandeliers have an ostentatious reputation that can often make them seem intimidating – so why are they becoming such a popular lighting option in everyday interiors? If you’re new to chandeliers, we’ve put together this great guide to introduce you to what chandeliers are, what styles of chandelier are available, and how you can measure for your very own chandelier! What Are Chandeliers? Sometimes confused with pendant lighting, chandeliers are a ceiling light suspended from a short chain... Read More


top lighting trends for 2018

Lighting is an integral part of your home’s interior design, where and how you choose to place it can make a big impact on the atmosphere created. Lighting design will most likely change from room-to-room when considering the functionality and feel of each space. For example, a large luxurious chandelier won’t necessarily work within a minimalist & modern styled bathroom, especially true if it’s not moisture proof. Interior design trends are constantly changing and the same applies for Lighting, with advances in technology playing a major part. As generations pass,... Read More