How Lighting Affects Mood

There’s been a lot of research conducted about lighting and how it can determine behaviour and mood. That’s right, your bad mood could be because of the lighting around you! The power of lighting is often underestimated, especially in our living spaces; we often prioritise furniture, carpets and wallpaper when decorating. However, lighting can be used as a decorative element and can influence our moods. This change can be achieved through mood lighting. But…what is it? 

What is mood lighting? 

Mood lighting creates an atmosphere with purpose. We need different things from different spaces in our homes. For example, you wouldn’t want dim atmospheric lighting in a working environment such as an office. Mood lighting can come in many different forms and can be as simple as a lamp on a bedside table, or as complex as colour changing installed systems – but when broken down, the purpose of lighting can be split into three main divisions. 

  1. Ambient Lighting – This is the main source of lighting in the room. It is meant to provide a base light that illuminates and floods the entire space. 
  2. Accent Lighting – This form of lighting is more understated and specific. Its purpose is to accentuate or draw attention to certain spaces within the room such as a decorative object. 
  3. Task Lighting – As the name suggests, the purpose of task lighting is to help carry out certain tasks in rooms. E.g. a lamp at a desk. 

All of these types of lighting must be considered when factoring how lighting affects mood if we want to use it as a decorative feature. Now that you know what mood lighting is, let us explore mood lighting ideas and the places you can use it in your living space. 

Where to use mood lighting? 

As previously mentioned, you want each room in your home to have a different purpose and mood. The main question is which kind of mood lighting should be used in which room? We’re here to give you mood lighting inspiration and ideas, and show you how to implement them in your living space. 

Mood lighting for your bedroom

Bathroom mood lighting 

Bathrooms are versatile places, and bathroom mood lighting needs to reflect this. Let’s set the scene; it’s a cold, dark Monday morning and you’re struggling to get out of bed for work. You need some energy to get your day on track. Well, this is where bathroom mood lighting comes into play. You can energise your bathroom by illuminating the space with white lights with the range of bathroom wall lights available here at Leaders Lights. This makes applying makeup or shaving that little bit easier before you head out to work in the morning.

Alternatively, bathrooms can be a place to destress and unwind. Create ambience in your bathroom by dimming and blending the lighting to suit your needs. Endon Lighting has a 75 year history and a wealth of knowledge in lighting, that’s why we recommend their wide selection of bathroom lighting products that can be implemented into your relaxing space.

Mood lighting for bedrooms 

The relationship between lighting and waking up is one of the main points that can determine your mood for the day. Research has shown that moods can be elevated when a person is woken by light rather than an alarm. This is because when your brain is woken by the noise of your dreaded alarm it is still in sleep mode. However, when you’re exposed to gradual light your body responds in a much more positive way making you feel refreshed. 

The versatility of bedroom mood lighting is similar to that of bathroom mood lighting, you need to be energised in the morning and soothed in the evening. Creating atmospheric mood lighting for the evening can be achieved with subtle accent lighting surrounding the bed. This will create ambience and the perfect environment to chill with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. 

An innovative way to create a chilled vibe within your bedroom is by installing pendant lighting. The stylish selection of Rise & Fall pendant lighting is an ideal way to give your bedroom a make over without changing your decor drastically.  

One of the simplest ways to update your lighting in your living space is through the addition of mood lighting lamps. The range of mood lighting lamps available at Leader Lights come in a range of designs, price points and materials to suit you. For quirky, timeless lamps to fill your bedside table, take a look at our range of Tiffany style lights. These can be used for bedtime reading, as a quirky decorative piece or even just to fill the room with ambient lighting. 

Dimmed lighting at night is the best way to wind down before sleeping. Exposure to bright lights can affect how easily you fall asleep, so make sure that when you are settling down for the night that you dim the lighting in the room. 

TIP: The exposure of bright lights before bed makes it hard to fall asleep, this includes the lighting on your devices. So make sure that you turn down the brightness on your phone or iPad when using it before bed. 

Lighting for your living room

Mood lighting for living rooms 

The living room is one of the main spaces in the home to relax but also to socialise. With this in mind, the lighting and the levels should be adjustable for the situation. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the use of mood lighting lamps.  

The level at which you want your lights to illuminate the room is important and can determine which kind of lamp that you should buy. Living room table lamps tend to be a mid-level illumination and add balance to your living space. These lamps act as a great mood lighting solution to rooms where there is little space or no natural light. 

Having a few table lamps throughout a room can add an air of sophistication when placed symmetrically, this style usually works for living spaces with a minimalist aesthetic. 

For larger spaces, we recommend adjustable lighting in the form of floor lights. The beauty with floor lights is in their ability to be moved, you can position the lighting to accommodate the decor, or to accentuate a feature piece of furniture that is already in the living room. 

LED Mood Lighting

Mood lighting doesn’t have to be just for your interior. LED mood lighting is perfect for setting an ambient scene in your garden. The selection of outdoor LED C4 lights boasts a range of designs with robust construction and the ability to be used outdoors, underwater and in coastal environments. Get prepared for summer garden parties with LED mood lighting for your garden that will impress your guests when the BBQ embers have died. 

For those who geek out over technology, the LED mood lighting from Firstlight is the perfect device to explore. The brand has a range of lamps and lights that can be controlled with a remote to adjust to the mood, colour and brightness within the room.

Things to consider when finding the right mood lighting for your home

Finding mood lighting ideas for each individual space within your home can be a tricky task as there are so many things to take into consideration. You have to make sure that your new mood light matches the decor and aesthetic of the room, otherwise, the new addition may look out of place. Each room within our homes serves us for multiple purposes and the lighting needs to be adjustable to this. Whether you’re looking to unwind in your bathroom or need the perfect reading lamp, Leader Lights has a wide range of innovative products to get you in the best mood you can be in! 

How different types of lighting can affect your mood 

Bright Light

Everyone feels better in the summer, right? Bright lighting has been found to improve mental wellbeing, mood and even your bodies energy levels. With insufficient lighting, your body can suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to a loss of bone density and other muscle-related issues. Lack of proper lighting has also been found to contribute to depression levels.

Blue Lights

Blue light has a cooler temperature than other light colours. This means that it can make us feel more alert, help concentration and improve productivity. TV’s radiate a lot of blue light, so if you sleep in a room with a television this could be keeping you from falling asleep easily.

Yellow Lights

Yellow light has the opposite effect to blue lighting, it acts as a calming and soothing source. If you are struggling to sleep at night, introduce a dimmable light to your bedroom.  

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