Our Guide to Chandeliers

Once the sign of a grand home belonging to the upper classes, chandeliers have an ostentatious reputation that can often make them seem intimidating – so why are they becoming such a popular lighting option in everyday interiors?

If you’re new to chandeliers, we’ve put together this great guide to introduce you to what chandeliers are, what styles of chandelier are available, and how you can measure for your very own chandelier!

What Are Chandeliers?

Sometimes confused with pendant lighting, chandeliers are a ceiling light suspended from a short chain or cable that branches out into a structure that supports multiple light bulbs. As far as design goes, chandeliers can vary greatly, but the structural design largely remains the same. Chandeliers usually cast a broad light, making them the perfect choice for atmospheric lighting.

Types of Chandeliers

There are many different styles of chandelier that you can choose from, and while many will fit in with traditional homes, it’s worth looking around for chandeliers that may be able to bridge the gap between modern and traditional interiors.

Crystal Chandeliers

When we think about chandeliers, the first image we’re likely to conjure up is of a crystal chandelier. They’re the most popular style of chandelier, and their style is inspired by the glamorous history of beautiful crystal cut chandeliers of days gone by. Able to instantly add a touch of high-end luxury to your interiors, a crystal chandelier is sure to create a dramatic lighting statement no matter what size you choose.

Glass Chandeliers

Glass chandeliers are a little more versatile – able to produce the same luxe style as a crystal chandelier, but also able to be crafted into ultra-modern designs for a contemporary appeal. Able to be cut and coloured in a variety of ways, glass chandeliers are often intricate in their design and offer unique beauty to a room.

Candle Chandeliers

As you browse our collection of chandeliers, you’ll notice that many styles are designed to give the appearance of holding candles. Candles were once the primary light source on chandeliers, and many lighting brands seek to emulate that traditional candle chandelier style in their designs. Many chandeliers even take this a step further by using flickering lightbulbs to imitate candlelight for a truly authentic appearance.

How Chandeliers Are Measured

Measuring a chandelier to suit your space can be a difficult business, and can involve a lot of guesswork. If your chandelier is too small, it may get lost in the overall look of the room, but a chandelier that’s too big will dominate the interior design and look too overwhelming.

Take a look at the style of chandelier you’ve chosen, is it a design-heavy chandelier that will draw attention even if it’s on the smaller side? Is the chandelier quite minimalist and neutral so could do with being a little bigger?

Once you’ve made your initial assessment, it’s time to get a little more technical:

  • Measure the dimensions of your room in feet
  • Convert this measurement into inches

This will help you to determine the appropriate size of chandelier using the following table:

Room Size Chandelier Size
Smaller than 10ft x 10ft 17inches – 20inches diameter
Approx 12ft x 12ft 22inches – 27inches diameter
Approx 14ft x 14ft 24inches – 32inches diameter

Don’t forget to also check that the drop of the chandelier isn’t too long if you’re planning on hanging it above a surface such as a piano, dining table or anything else that might sit below your chandelier!

Discover our fantastic range of chandeliers here at Leader Lights and introduce your interiors to a touch of luxury they can afford.

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