Our Guide To Lightbulbs

Here at Leader Lights, we take light bulbs seriously, very seriously. With an estimated 600 million lightbulbs in the UK, there is a lot to get excited over. Our guide to lightbulbs will provide you with all the facts and information that you need to know about light bulbs. 

There has been much debate about who actually invented the lightbulb. The design of the incandescent bulb hasn’t changed that much since Thomas Edison created his version in 1879. However, lightbulbs have been updated over time and today we find ourselves with 3 main types of bulbs: incandescent, halogen and LED. 

Did you know? The average lifespan of a lightbulb is around 1000 hours however LED light bulbs last a lot longer with an average span of 20,000 – 30,000 hours. 

Hanging lightbulbs

How to change a lightbulb 

It may sound simple, but it can often be a cause of confusion – here is our step by step guide on how to change a lightbulb. Whether you are changing a ceiling light bulb or one from a lamp make sure you follow the steps below. 

  1. Ensure that the light switch is turned off. You don’t want electricity running through the bulb when you are trying to change it. Touching an electrical point can be dangerous so, before you start, make sure that the electricity is switched off. 
  2. Let the existing bulb cool. Electricity gives off heat and lightbulbs can become extremely hot when left on for long periods of time. Make sure that the lightbulb that you are changing has had time to cool before you touch it. 
  3. Use a sturdy ladder to climb up to the height of your lightbulb if it is a ceiling light. 
  4. Different types of bulbs have different methods of removal. For bayonet light bulbs, gently but firmly hold the bulb, push down or up into the fixture and then twist counter-clockwise. This should make it come loose so that you can remove it. If the bulb has a screw fitting then simply twist the bulb counterclockwise. 
  5. Take your new lightbulb and place it towards the fitting. You will want to twist the bulb into place in a clockwise direction. Make sure that you don’t screw the bulb into place too tightly as this can damage both the new bulb and the light. 
  6. Once you think that the bulb is secured tightly then step down from your step ladder and turn on the switch. 

How much are your lightbulbs costing you? 

There’s often a lot of debate about how much lightbulbs cost to run in your home. Here we have broken down some costs based on some average figures, however, we must state that this is not a definitive list and that pricings can vary depending upon a multitude of factors. 

The figures below are based on the average household having 45 light bulbs which are on for 2 hours per day. 

Bulb TypePowerCost Per Hour 
Incandescent 100W£0.012

How much does it cost to run a lightbulb for 24 hours? 

If you are using an LED light you can expect the cost to be approximately 0.048 pence.

To make sense of these numbers here are a few everyday items that will put into perspective how much your lights at home are actually costing you. 

Can of Coke – (Average Price – 70p) 

LED – 350 hours = 2 weeks 

Halogen – 87.5 hours = 3.5 days

Incandescent – 58.3 hours = 2.5 days 

Cinema Ticket – (Average Price – £10)

LED – 5,000 hours – 208 days = 7 months 

Halogen – 1,250 hours – 52 days = 2 months 

Incandescent – 833 hours – 34 days = 1 month

Gym membership – (Average Price £30)

LED – 15,000 hours = 625 days = 20 months 

Halogen – 3,750 hours = 156 days = 5 months 

Incandescent – 2,500 hours = 104 days = 3 months 

How much does a light bulb cost? 

Depending upon your price point there is a range of light bulbs that you can choose from here at Leader Lights. Below we have split some of our favourite products into three different sections below. 

Products Under £25

A stand-out product within this price range is the E14 Warm White 4W Dimmable LED Golf Light Bulb which is brought to you by Endon Lighting. With over 75 years of lighting experience, Endon Lighting is a master in domestic lights and, with this product in particular, there is an eclectic appeal that updates any decor that the light is placed within. Create a warm and light glow by installing this bulb in your living space which has a dimmable feature for when you want to create ambience at home. Ideal for living room floor lights you can create a sophisticated aesthetic easily with the impressive product. 

E14 Warm White 4W Dimmable LED Golf Light Bulb Single Pack (76797)

E14 Warm White 4W Dimmable LED Golf Light Bulb Single Pack (76797)

Products £25 – £50

The products in this price range include bulbs from brands such as Firstlight and Globo Lighting which have a wealth of knowledge in lighting solutions. One of our favourite pieces within this range is the Amber Glass 1Lt Decorative Lamp. The design is the perfect addition to any living space, whether you are searching for a traditional or contemporary aesthetic. Cast ambient lighting across your room with this functional and quirky light bulb. 

Amber Glass 1Lt Decorative Lamp

Amber Glass 1Lt Decorative Lamp

Products Over £50

Add an air of opulence to your decor with the luxurious selection of light bulbs available within the collection of light bulbs over £50. A stand out design is the Vintage Large Round 4W E27 LED Filament Lamp Bulb by Firstlight. The light bulb is made with amber glass which helps cast sophistication across the room in a contemporary way and can elevate the decor that the room is filled with. The bulb creates a warm white light which when placed into pendant lighting can become a feature piece in your home to wow your guests with. 

Firstlight  Vintage Large Round 4W E27 LED Filament Lamp Bulb, Amber Glass

Vintage Large Round 4W E27 LED Filament Lamp Bulb

Discover the impressive range of light bulbs available at Leader Lights today, where you can browse through a handpicked selection of designer bulbs to add to your home. Find bulbs from designers such as Endon Lighting, Firstlight and Globo Lighting to decorate throughout your living spaces and impress your guests. 

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