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Lighting is an integral part of your home’s interior design, where and how you choose to place it can make a big impact on the atmosphere created. Lighting design will most likely change from room-to-room when considering the functionality and feel of each space. For example, a large luxurious chandelier won’t necessarily work within a minimalist & modern styled bathroom, especially true if it’s not moisture proof. Interior design trends are constantly changing and the same applies for Lighting, with advances in technology playing a major part. As generations pass, tastes and preferences will also shift, hence why we have styles such as vintage, Art-Deco Mid-century Modern and so on.

2018 won’t bring any extreme changes but there are several notable existing and new  trends we would like to share with you.

industrial and retro / Edison-style bulbs

The retro and rustic industrial style is making a big comeback this year, but in a totally different way from how we remember it. The rustic finishes, neutral colours and metal materials once associated with these styles are being re-defined in a modern way. We’re going to see sleeker metal tones with cleaner compositions, mixing modern design with industrial forms. Along with this trend it’s no surprise that the retro Edison bulbs will be a popular choice too. The nostalgic details of these eye-catching incandescent bulbs harmonises perfectly with the industrial style.

minimalism and clean lines

The old adage, less is more. Simpler forms and cleaner designs are becoming more and more popular within interior design and 2018 will be no exception. Traditional ornamented fixtures with intricate metal work may be beautiful but don’t work so well with today’s modern ideal. Homeowners are opting for sleeker designs with less clutter to complement modern decor. The minimalism trend will continue to increase in popularity through 2018, as new low-profile fixtures from various manufacturers enter the market. These fixtures focus on simple geometric shapes and softer colours, favouring  modest forms over extravagant aesthetics.

LED lighting

Certainly not a new trend but one that continues to get better, cheaper and more popular every year. It’s a lighting option that’s much more efficient and environmentally friendly, over the old conventional incandescent bulbs, where most of the power is lost through heat. The upfront costs are higher but in the long run they will save you money and last upto 25 times longer. This is why more and more homeowners are choosing LED lighting for their money and power saving properties. Aside from all these benefits, you can find a huge  choice of colours, brightness and shapes. Kitchen, bathroom and outdoor LED lighting seem have the biggest demand with LED strip lighting also trending this year.

soft gold

Recently there has been an increase in popularity with soft gold finishes and this is especially true within the lighting market. Homeowners have recently fallen in love with the neutral colour grey and with this rapidly becoming the palette of choice, it’s no wonder that soft gold is too. These two colours work perfectly together, with the delicate soft gold tones adding warmth to the neutral greys and giving a sense of luxury. The colour works well with all styles of decor from modern and minimalistic to industrial and retro. Soft gold works best with soft colours and can be used to accentuate areas of your room.

oversized pendants

For certain areas of the house, bigger is better! Homeowners are opting for large oversized pendants, rather than small pendants that often go unnoticed. The aim is to create that wow factor that will attract instant attention as you enter the room. These fixtures act as a centerpiece, requiring extra care on placement and choice of design. They can be used over dining tables, kitchen islands or within the foyer. It is definitely recommended that the room they’re used in can accommodate their size.

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