Top Trends for Interior Lighting Design in 2021

Trend 1 – Retro & Industrial Styles Are Back!

Industrial lights are all about the rustic & metal finish, but retro is coming back in a completely different way. With sleeker styles & various vibrant colours, it is a great way to introduce an industrial – yet modern look to your home.

Trend 2 – Lighting As A Design Focal Point

2021 will see the main light becoming a focal point for a room, rather than merely being just functional. There will be room for more elegant and extravagant fittings used in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms with led being at the forefront of home lighting choices.

Trend 3 – Sculptured Table & Floor Lamps

Table and floor lamps are making comeback in 2021 – big time. Now being used as pieces or art, or providing interest in the room, even when the lamp is turned off. Pairs of lamps are now being used to accentuate a table or sideboard & with one off floor lamps being used and placed next to an armchair or a sofa (pro-tip: Use a table or floor lamp to create your own neat & cosy little reading area!)

Trend 4 – Increased Demand & Interest in Bedroom Lighting

With increased demand in 2021 for spaces to unwind and relax in during the current climate, the right bedroom lighting has never been more key. Ambience and mood setting lights are playing a more prominent role in the household along with the addition of bedside lamps.

Trend 5 – The Home Office

With the post-pandemic shift in working from home as a new way of life, people are now looking to bring the office home with a true personal office space. On-trend right now are stylish office desk lamps or elegant pendant fittings above a desk. With a new found love of traditional workmanship styles.

Trend 6 – Bigger is Better

Homeowners are now falling in love with bigger fixtures, creating a wow factor for their rooms. Big centrepiece pendants above a kitchen island or statement chandeliers sitting above their dining tables.

Trend 7 – Cleaner Lines, Cleaner Living

With a rise in demand for new-build housing and clean modern kitchens, homeowners are now opting for simpler cleaner lighting designs that will fit their décor. With the minimalistic trend becoming popular in 2021 homeowners are finding their feet with simple and clean styles.

Trend 8 – Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

With more people staying at home through 2021, utilising your own space available, whether spending time in the back yard or garden, outdoor lighting has never been more popular. Wall lights, bollards and feature lights will be a big part of everyone’s outdoor space in 2021.

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